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Boston International Media Consulting INC. (BIMC),was founded in Massachusetts, is a company specialized in marketing planning and strategy, brand promotion, market analysis, event planning, multimedia communication design, and video production. 

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  Boston International Media Consulting INC. (BIMC),was founded in Massachusetts, is a company specialized in marketing planning and strategy, brand promotion, market analysis, event planning, multimedia communication design, and video production. We've pioneered strategies that connect to consumers, broadened markets, and strengthened market position for local enterprises. We've also assisted foreign brands to expand into the U.S. market. We've co-organized and held various local events or large-scale national events. Our clients include local and international corporations in industries as varied as small and mid-size business, agencies and commercial companies, as well as governments and NGOs.


Serving Area

  BIMC accepts all kinds of art performances, election, training, and culture exchange activities; Organizing art ceremony, representation, program promoting, product promoting and annual events for government and enterprises. We also provide service of service, publish, creative and so on. 


We are the most influential Chinese media platform in Massachusetts. The strength of us is we understand China better than Americans do and we know America better than Chinese. Hardworking, dedicating and sacrificing are the culture of our company. Our company is operated by people who were born in the late 80s and 90s. We have over ten years of experience in media and enplanning that will satisfy our clients.



BIMC has long term strategic partners: SunTV, SunTV、Savior Platform, League Media, Michigan Chinese Station, Philadelphia China& US Culture Center, 58 Job, Liepin US, China Eastern Airlines, Henry Global, and Boston International Travel.

Gary YU- Founder

Gary Yu, the founder and CEO of Boston International Media Consulting INC. Professional media worker. Gary Yu used to be the head of broadcasting station of America HD TV in Boston, chief inspector of HKS TV, chief inspector of ATV. He is also the host for ATV (ASIA TV), BNN TV, and QATV (Quincy Asian TV). Gary Yu is also the founder and the writer for the following Wechat public account: North America Students Community, Boston Chinese Network, Eat in Boston, and Boston First Reporter.

Team Members

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Ada Zhang

Operation Director

Join Years:2018

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Aizhou Liu

Digital Marketing Manager

Join Years:2018

Aizhou Liu has join Boston International media consulting  since 2018 as Digital Marketing Manager. mainly responsible for advising the team in developing business and new partnerships, conducting research and analysis reports for clients, and publishing company press release on Google News and over 200 news sites, including The Boston Global and Boston Daily.

Aizhou Liu is graduate from Harvard University, specializing in Information Technology. Previously, she graduated from Boston University with the Merit Scholarship while completing a Master in Emerging Media Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. At Harvard University, she founded Harvard U.S.-China Economic Forums dedicating to creating constructive high-level dialogues for the U.S. and China to discuss global economic trends, challenges, and opportunities. Her passion for digital media and technology is led her to conduct one-year collaborative research with Boston Medical Center, serve as a Research Assistant as well as a Teaching Assistant at Boston University Business School, work and accomplish multiple digital technology projects in United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

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Alvin-shun Guan

IT Director

Join Years:2019

Guan Shun has joined  Boston International Media Consulting Since 2019 as a director of information technology, mainly responsible for the company's information technology processing and improvement, the company's daily website maintenance and updating, assisting company's project operations, responsible for the company's video production, promoting the company's business products and Responsible for the operation of WeChat public account "Boston, USA".

In July 2018, Alvin has worked as a photographer in the "2018 Miss International Fashion Travel Pageant-Boston Division". In August of 2018, Alvin had assisted to join the North American Talent Development Alliance to hold the first, second and third sessions of the "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Workplace Development Exchange Conference". In addition, Shun has successfully helping hosting three years of Chinese Community Festival and two years Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown Boston.


Since 2014, Shun has Join RTH (Roxbury Tenants of Harvard) in and successfully hosting fifth Mission Park Party Day and Chinese New Year Party.


Now, Guan Shun is undergraduate from college, major in Computer Information Technology. In addition to maintaining the company’s website, Shun also has his personal website: www.maboston.info

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Yuling Zhao

Data Analyst

Join Years:2020

Ms.Zhao has joined Boston International Media Consulting in 2020 as a data analyst in the marketing department. Yuling is also responsible for the operation of the company's official account Techtank, as well as gets in touch with local mainstream media in various marketing activities.

In 2018, Yuling launched CoClean’s product in a crowd-funding campaign on JD.com. During that period, Yuling assisted in negotiation with PR firms, collection of initial customer information, and customer support for online sales.

Besides, Yuling operated CoClean’s social media accounts with materials creation, follower interaction. Yuling also quantitatively analyzed a large amount of customer information and achieved a 500%+ sales goal within 2 weeks. 

Yuling received a Master of Science degree from Boston University in 2020, majoring in business analysis.

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Yiqiong Cui

Marketing Specialist

Join Years:2020

Yiqiong Cui joined Boston international media consulting in February 2020 as a marketing specialist in the Marketing Department. In charge of the daily operation of the company's Wechat platform account "First journalist in Boston" and the "Boston Chinese website", responsible for the project communication and implementation in various marketing activities.

In 2012,Yiqiong has worked in Beijing YuanPei translation company as an assistant of the finance department


Graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019 with a master's degree in MBA.

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Jianan Liu

Social Media Specialist

Join Years:2020

Jianan Liu joined BIMC as Social Media Specialist at 2020. She is in charge of the operation of company’s official Wechat account and news articles writing.

She has received master’s degree at Psychology from Brandeis University at 2019. Jianan Liu has plenty professional experiences in user research and marketing insight. She is good at understanding markets and customers using data analysis, and then create marketing plan or events accordingly

Along three years’ professional experiences in marketing operation, she has provided marketing services for clients, such as New Oriental, BMW, HOPSON COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, and HUATAI SECURITIES.

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